Basic Movement Instructions
Starting Formation:   Any position where dancers can conveniently turn 90 or less to face their corner.
TIMING:   Full around, 8; three quarters, 6; one half, 4; one quarter, 2.
(a) ALLEMANDE LEFT: Dancers face their corners and turn by the left forearm. Releasing armholds and stepping forward, each dancer ends facing his partner, pulls by his partner and does a left arm turn with the next dancer. This ends in an allemande thar, forming a right hand box star and backing up. Each outside dancer holds the left forearm of a center dancer and walks forward.
STYLING:  When the men are in the center backing up, their right hands will form a packsaddle/box star, taking the wrist of the man in front of him. When the ladies star, they will simply touch hands in the center. The dancers forming the star must remember to allow those on the outside to set the pace, since they have to travel a much further distance. If the centers move too fast, the result is that those on the outside will have to run to maintain the pace. As in any star, the ladies, while on the outside, may elect to hold their skirts.