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C-1 Definitions

Ah So
From a wave or line: With each half of the wave/line working as a unit, the ends Cross Fold and the centers follow along so as to keep each mini-wave or couple intact. If the ends start out facing the same way, they pass right shoulders as they go.
Teaching Hint: This call is a more general version of Wheel and Deal--the centers are just turned around.

Alter the Wave
From a wave: All Swing, then the centers Cast Off 3/4 while the ends U-Turn Back. All [Box] Counter Rotate the diamond 1/2 (formerly called "turning the star 1/2"), and Flip the Diamond. Ends in a wave.
One can also "Counter Rotate the Diamond" by other amounts than 1/2. For example, Alter the Wave, but Counter Rotate the Diamond 3/4:

Teaching Hint: One can think of the Counter Rotate as two Diamond Circulates (except that the centers of the diamond remain centers throughout).

Beaus and Belles naming convention
In a couple, the dancer on the left is the "Beau", and the dancer on the right is the "Belle". In other formations, each dancer whose partner is to his right is a Beau, and each dancer whose partner is to his left is a Belle.

Block Formation
A block is a 4x4 matrix in which no 2 real bodies have a real body between them. There is 1 space between all bodies in a block: in front, in back, left and right.
In blocks you can do only 4-person calls (or sequences of calls) that start and end in a 2x2 formation. e.g. Partner Trade, Partner Tag, Pass Thru, Touch ¼, Star Thru, Square Thru, Wheel Thru, etc. When doing a call in a block, each dancer works only with the dancers in his block; all block calls start and end on the same 4 spots on the floor.
For some calls, e.g., In Your Block, Square Chain Thru, the dancers are working in a wave during the call's action. In that case, the waves are slightly offset from each other, just as the blocks are slightly offset.

Butterfly Formation/Concept
A butterfly is a column formation with the ends of the column separated by 2 positions.

Butterfly Circulate: From a butterfly: All dancers move forward one position along the path below:
Other Butterfly calls, such as Split Circulate, Walk and Dodge: Any call which can be done from parallel general columns (columns, double pass thru, etc.), and which ends in general lines or columns, can be done from a butterfly. The dancers act as though the ends were close together; however, they end on the original 8 spots on the floor. For example, "Butterfly Double Pass Thru":
The ending formation is always the same as though the ends stepped together, everyone did the call, and the ends slid apart again--the same eight spots on the floor are occupied at the end of the call as when it began.

Cast Back
From any formation with definite leads, who must not be facing directly toward or away from the flagpole center: Starting in a tandem, the lead dancer always does the call; elsewhere, the caller must designate a dancer. The designated dancer Peel Off and step forward to stand beside the other dancer. The other dancer does not move. This call cannot be fractionalized.

Cross Cast Back
From a couple facing out of a 2x2 formation: Starting in tandem couples, the lead dancers always do the call; elsewhere, the dancers must be designated. The designated dancers Trail Off and step forward to stand beside the other dancers. The others don't move. This call cannot be fractionalized.

Chain Reaction
At C-1, the restrictions from the Advanced Program on the formations from which you may call Chain Reaction are removed. In effect, this adds quarter lines and a two-faced line or a wave between parallel mini-waves to the list of starting formations. For example:
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