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From columns: The #1 and #2 dancers Checkmate while dancers #3 and #4 Circulate, Cast Off 3/4, Slither, and As Couples Extend. Ends in parallel two-faced lines.

Circle By (m and n)
From facing couples: This call requires that two fractions, m and n, be called as part of its name, e.g., "Circle By 1/4 and 1/2". All join hands and Circle Left m. Then Touch and Cast Off n. If n is "Nothing", you just step to the wave. The second fraction (n), may be replaced by another call, as in "Circle By 1/2 and Recycle". In that case, the Cast Off is replaced by the call specified. In this example, the dancers would Circle Left 1/2, Touch, then Recycle, ending in facing couples.

Concentric Concept
From any appropriate formation (half the dancers must be centers and half must be outsides): The centers do the call in their group, while the outsides work with each other and do the call around the outside.

The last two formations shown are really the same; the one on the left is used if the caller only says "Concentric..." or the Concentric call doesn't start in diamonds. The one on the right is used when the caller says "Concentric Diamond, ..." or when the Concentric call can only be done from diamonds (e.g., Concentric Diamond Circulate). If the Concentric call is being cone from general lines or general columns, and the call starts and ends in a 2x2 box (e.g., Concentric Star Thru), the following rule applies: If the ends begin as though in columns, they finish as though in columns; if they begin in lines, they finish in lines.
If the Concentric call ends in a 2x2 box but starts elsewhere (e.g., Concentric Recycle from a tidal wave), the following rule applies: The outside dancers adjust so that the long axis of the ending formation is at right angles to the long axis of the starting formation.

Counter Rotate
From any formation with no dancers facing directly toward or away from the flagpole center: Each dancer moves forward the designated number of quarters (¼ unless otherwise specified) around the flagpole center of the formation, staying the same distance from that center as though he were on a wheel turning about that center. With each quarter he Counter Rotates, the dancer faces a new wall (i.e., he turns 90).
The original outsides always finish as outsides, and the original centers always finish as centers. For example, "Points Counter Rotate 1/4":
Teaching Hint: From parallel waves, people tend to try to Split Counter Rotate. Describing the action, from that formation only, as "Concentric Box Counter Rotate" helps a great deal.

Cross and Turn
From facing couples: The beaus Right Pull By with each other as the belles U-Turn Back (turning toward the beaus). Ends in couples back to back.

Reverse Cross and Turn
From facing couples: The belles Left Pull By with each other as the beaus U-Turn Back (turning toward the belles). Ends in couples back to back.

Cross By
From a thar, wrong-way thar, or parallel waves: Do 1/2 a Circulate, Sashaying as you go, and joining opposite hands from initial handhold. Ends in a wrong-way thar, thar, or wave between vertical mini-waves.

Cross Chain Thru
From eight chain thru: All Right Pull By, then the ends Courtesy Turn while the centers Left Hand Star 1/2 to end in another eight chain thru formation. The star ends as though the centers had done a Cross Trail Thru.
Note: By definition, "Cross Chain Thru and Roll" is the same as Cross Chain and Roll.

Cross Chain And Roll
From Eight Chain Thru: All Right Pull By. The outsides Courtesy Turn and Roll while the centers Left Hand Star 1/2, to end in parallel waves.

Cross Roll to a Wave (or Line)
From a line or wave: The centers Cross Run while the ends Run. The centers pass outside of the ends as they Cross Run.
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