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Make Magic
From general columns: Any center and outside dancers who are facing each other do a Pass Thru, as any center who is facing in, does a pull by with the diagonally opposite dancer, using outside hands. If all four centers are facing in, they Cross Trail Thru.

O Formation/Concept
An "O" is a column formation with the centers spread apart (2 spaces between them). Any call that can be done from parallel general columns (columns, double Pass Thru, etc.), and which ends in parallel general lines or columns, can be done from "O" Formation.

O Circulate
From an O: Each dancer moves forward one spot along the circulate path

Other O calls: Any call which can be done from parallel general columns (columns, double pass thru, etc.), and which ends in parallel general lines or columns, can be done from an O. The dancers act as though the centers were close together; however, they end on the same 8 spots on the floor. For example, "O Double Pass Thru":
O Walk and Dodge
O Swing Thru
But you can't O Swing Thru from an O Magic Column. There is no such thing as an "O Wave". The O Swing Thru above only works because the O looks like a distorted eight chain thru formation. The effect of an O call is exactly the same as having the centers slide together, doing the call, and having the new centers slide apart so that the original 8 spots on the floor are again occupied.

Pass the Axle/(Anything) the Axle
From eight chain thru: All Pass Thru, the centers Pass Thru while the ends Cross Cast Back. All Swing, and the new centers Trade.

The Axle
From trade-by or completed double pass thru: The centers Pass Thru, if they can, while the ends Cross Cast Back. All Swing, and the new centers Trade.

From appropriate parallel waves or lines, or eight chain thru: Circulate 1 1/2. The center 4 (those in the wave) Hinge and those centers facing in Pull By on the diagonal, using the outside hand. Meanwhile, the ends Turn Thru or Left Turn Thru as appropriate. From most places (e.g., waves) this ends in lines back to back. It can be done from anywhere the Circulate 1 1/2 gives a definite center wave.

Phantom Formation/Concept
A Phantom is a non-existent dancer with whom you may be asked to work. A Phantom formation (e.g., after Heads Wheel Thru, Swing Thru, Heads Hinge) has the dancers arranged as shown below. Some of the dancers are in lines at the head, and some are in lines at the side. Each dancer acts as though he or she were in parallel waves or lines with all the Phantom positions occupied by real dancers.

It is also possible to have a phantom formation where some of the dancers feel like they're in columns (as below). However, this variation is not appropriate for use at C-1.

Recycle variations:

All Eight Recycle. From quarter tag, or wave between parallel mini-waves: The centers do a Recycle, working wider than normal, and moving outside the others. Meanwhile, the outsides move forward and do a facing couples Recycle or Split Recycle, as appropriate. This ends in quarter tag.

2/3 Recycle. From a wave only: Do the first two parts of Recycle, i.e., Centers Fold (and all adjust to a box circulate formation), then Box Counter Rotate 1/4.

Box/Split Recycle. From box circulate formation: Without letting go hands with the leads, the trailers Extend and U-Turn Back, to end with their original outside hands joined. The leads follow along, becoming the ends of the resulting wave.
From 2x2 formations where half the box is a couple and the other is a right-hand mini-wave: Those in the couple do a facing-couples Recycle, and those in the mini-wave do a Split Recycle. This ends in a right-hand wave.
This can't be done when the mini-wave is left-handed
Where not otherwise ambiguous, it is permissible to call simply, "Recycle" when you mean "Split Recycle". For example, from columns, you could call "Outsides Partner Tag while the centers Recycle" and the meaning is clear. From parallel waves, though, "Recycle" and "Split Recycle" are different, and one must not be called when the other is meant.

From parallel lines, waves, or T-bones with the ends in lines, only: The centers Trade and Roll while the ends Quarter Out, Trade with each other, and "O" Circulate to become the ends of lines facing.

Relay the Shadow
From a tidal wave: All Swing. The center six Cast 3/4, while the ends Counter Rotate 1/4, meet the very centers, Single Hinge & Spread. The other four do the centers' part of a Cast a Shadow (i.e., leaders "shadow", trailers Extend, Hinge, and Extend).

Relay the Top
From parallel waves: All Swing. The centers Arm Turn ¾ while the ends do their part of an Hourglass Circulate. The center 4-hand star Turns 1/4, while the others Trade. The center four dancers in the 6-person wave now Cast Off 3/4, while the others Hourglass Circulate. Ends in parallel waves.

Reverse Explode
From a wave: All Step Thru and Quarter Out. Ends in couples back-to-back.

Rotary Spin
From eight chain thru: Everyone does a Right Pull By, then the centers step to a left-hand wave and Cast Off 3/4 while the ends Courtesy Turn and Roll. Ends in parallel right-hand waves.
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